SUP Yoga Warrior

Staying Active & Independent


From brain to joints, moving every day has the power to improve every part of your body. It doesn't have to be high-impact, sweat-inducing exercise, We keep it simple by showing you small changes to your daily routine that make moving more fun and something you look forward to every day!

Improves your mobility, balance and strength while you upgrade your overall health.


Balance and coordination exercises should be done daily and will improve your overall quality of life. Along with the physical benefits such as enhanced stability, balance exercises may help improve mental functioning, including memory and spatial cognition.


Being aware of your surroundings helps you stay safe and helps you avoid stumbles, unsteadiness and small accidents. Practicing awareness gives you better focus, enhanced calmness, less stress, and improved sleep.  Being aware of how you are feeling is also a great way to take care of yourself!